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Eirene Ai plugs into your existing camera infrastructure to stream video into our cloud computer vision model to look for signs of smoke or fire across all of your cameras so you don’t have to.

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of Mind,

Our engineering team works one on one with each customer to understand their existing camera infrastructure, security processes, and the fire risks particular to their property.

Once we’re on the same page, we work with you to deploy Eirene Ai directly on premise so your data never leaves your property or by using our cloud-based model to keep a vigilant eye for signs of fire and smoke at all times.

Early Detection, Better Protection

An intuitive, easy to use system,
that fits your needs.

Our process

How we do what we do.


Integrate with your infrastructure and calibrate the model for your property, fire risk, and security processes.


Find signs of fire and smoke as early as possible through analyzing every frame that comes through your cameras.


Your team receives notifications via phone, text, or email. Security teams can monitor live using our app or their dashboard.

Complex Problems, Simple Solutions

Constantly improving and learning for your needs.

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